FAQ’s Fantastic Cleaners Sydney

When do you guys close?

Actual services are provided between 6am - 8pm but our customer service phone line is opened around the clock, seven days a week.

Where are the cleaners from?

We classify our workforce as multicultural, including many Australians. It is mandatory for all to have a police check and to be insured.

What if I can't be at home?

You have the option to leave the key for our technicians and then, we can hide it wherever you wish. Alternatively, you can have a friend or relative to open the door for us.

And if your personnel breaks something?

Our company is insured for up to $5,000,000 and we are always happy to provide assistance regardless the type of issue caused by our employees.

Will you clean the cupboards from the inside?

Some services cover that area for no extra cost, others do not. End of Lease cleaning is an example of a service that includes inside cupboard cleaning.

Can you remove stains from carpets/sofa?

Yes, we can. We do have professionally trained technicians specialized in dealing with different types of stains even red wine, rust, mud, urine. We will do the best we can in order to improve the condition of your carpet/sofa, however, there is no 100% guarantee that stain will be completely gone. It depends on how old it is, has it been treated so far, type of stain, type of carpet material. If you want to get a free advice just give us a call anytime.

Do you clean the oven door between the glass panels?

Most often the oven door is a sealed unit, so normally we just clean the oven door in and out without removing the glass panels.

What is the benefit of having my tiles and grout cleaned?

You will have all the germs and bacteria cleaned and removed from your grout; you will eliminate the need of floor renovation by having your tiles and grout regularly cleaned.

Can you clean my roof mounted Main Unit?

Yes, only if your roof has a flat top and provides an easy access. Our standard prices include cleaning of the main unit in any location easily accessible without special equipment such as harnesses or ladder. As long as no specific extra insurance is required to operate, we can clean it.

Do you provide free re-cleans at all?

If the customer respects the guarantee limit and if proven our staff did not do as much as promised, we can provide a free re-clean. Additional terms may apply.