Professional Oven Cleaning in Sydney

Oven Cleaning - TopYou can book an oven cleaning service with confidence, with Fantastic Cleaners Sydney , because we are experts in cleaning indoor, outdoor and commercial cooking appliances. We apply industry-standard practices in cleaning domestic ovens, garden BBQs, industrial ovens and other types of commercial kitchen ovens and use the appropriate cleaning products and equipment to achieve excellent results.


Our oven cleaning technicians will arrive promptly at your premises, prepared and equipped with the following specialised tools and accessories: a protective floor mat that is placed around the appliance, a special blade to scrape away food deposits, steel wool, polishing cloths, a set of screwdrivers, degreasers, detergents, etc.


Note: The deep oven cleaning may be booked at a discounted price if incorporated with an end of lease cleaning service, where only a general cleaning of the oven is included in the price.

What to expect from our oven cleaning service in Sydney?

We understand how important it is for you to know what to expect in exchange for your money. Hence, we describe the cleaning process step by step below:

Oven Cleaning - Final Results

  1. The kitchen appliance is thoroughly cleaned on the outside, including the hobs
  2. All removable parts, such as trays, racks and elements, which can be dismantled, are cleaned individually.

  3. Oven degreaser is applied to the inside walls - (waiting time is required)

  4. Grease, burnt-on food particles and carbon deposits are subsequently scraped from the inside of the oven

  5. Final polishing and wiping are then applied and the oven door is thoroughly cleaned

  6. All racks and trays, polished and dried, will be put back in place.

The BBQ cleaning process comprises

Similar to the oven cleaning, this service ensures that your barbecue is free of grease and burnt-on food residuals. All parts and sides of the barbecue are scrubbed and cleaned with a powerful solution.

The procedure includes the following steps:

  1. First, a protective mat is placed underneath the barbecue.

  2. The grills are carefully brushed, then removed and thoroughly cleaned.

  3. The gas burners are gently brushed and cleaned, including the area around them.

  4. The inside of the BBQ is sprayed with a degreaser and scrubbed clean with a wire brush. A special oil is sprayed afterwards to protect the surface from rusting.

  5. We clean the bottom tray and drip tray as well.

  6. The inside of the hood is cleaned and any dismantled parts are assembled back together.

  7. All surfaces are polished and wiped from any detergent residuals.

  8. Finally, the cleaners will check if the BBQ is working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the cleaner accidentally breaks something?

A: All our employees are insured against damages, should the unlikely event of any of them breaking something, occurs. All repairs are at the expense of the company.


Q: How is the price determined?

A: The oven/BBQ cleaning is not an hourly based service. The following factors are taken into consideration in the price formation: type of the oven (single or double), its current condition, the make and model, the type of fuel (gas or electricity), etc.


Q: What are the benefits of professionally cleaned oven, in comparison to cleaning yourself?

A: Professional cleaning is faster, more efficient and requires less time and effort. Moreover, industrial type of ovens (in restaurants and diners) require a professional touch. Note that we can provide commercial cleaners, who are certified to clean in restaurant kitchens.


Q: When is it best to contact us to book a service or if a problem arises?

A: Our customer support team is available 7 days a week. Simply call us on 02 8103 2006 or get in touch with us directly online. Your queries and concerns will be addressed with utmost care by a qualified customer service provider.

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