High Pressure Cleaning in Sydney by Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners Sydney offers a specialised pressure cleaning service that is designed to freshen up and disinfect various exterior surfaces.

Why opt for expert pressure cleaning in Sydney

Pressure Cleaning in SydneyAccording to local laws in Sydney, property owners are not allowed to use a water hose for cleaning exterior areas without the use of a special nozzle. Even with the right attachment, heavily built up grime and dirt are almost impossible to clean without the help of professional equipment.


Our specialised pressure washing equipment can descale pavement tiles and remove hardened grime from a variety of exterior surfaces. We provide pressure tile and grout cleaning and remove built up dust particle deposits, as well as successfully clean mould infested hard surfaces. Since the machine ejects water under extremely high pressure, the equipment should be handled by trained experts. This is where our experienced pressure cleaners come to help.

Reasons to book a pressure cleaning service

Pressure Washing in Sydney

  • Cleaning the exterior areas of your property, such as driveways and garden paths, patios and decks, garden furniture and walls (including the removal of graffiti) can significantly increase the value of your property.
  • Safe and highly effective methods, employed for deliming and descaling exterior hard surfaces, made from a wide range of materials: concrete, bricks, ceramic tiles, terracotta, marble, natural stone, granite, etc.
  • The service is conducted by specially trained pressure cleaners, who can safely handle a jet cleaning machine.
  • Keeps your exterior tiles and grout clean from bacteria and mould by scraping away grime and oil buildups that feed mould spores.

As an addition to our high-pressure cleaning service for your outdoor areas, you can book a professional window cleaning service and have your windows washed and polished, both, inside and outside. Discounts usually apply, when you combine more than one service at the same time. 

Business owners and commercial property proprietors may also benefit from the service and make sure that the surrounding area of their estate is presentable to clients and employees alike. Call us on 02 8103 2006 to enquire about how you can take advantage of a discounted pressure washing, when booked together with your one-off or regular commercial cleaning service.

Further benefits of our service

  • Professional cleaning of exterior surfaces
  • Powerful high-pressure cleaning equipment
  • Service conducted by trained technicians
  • No extra charge for weekend, evening and public holiday bookings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is the pressure cleaning performed?
A: The service is conducted by a qualified cleaning operative, who is equipped with a pressure washing machine that ejects water under high pressure. The equipment needs to be connected to a water source and should be operated, when adequate drainage is provided.

Q: Which types of surfaces is the pressure cleaning service suitable for?
A: We can clean a wide variety of surfaces including patios and driveways, exterior walls, outdoor furniture, fences, decks, outdoor pavement, natural stone, concrete and wooden outdoor surfaces. The service is also suitable for cleaning buildings, and for cleaning vehicles and tents, as well.

Q: What types of grime can we remove?
A: Our pressure cleaning machine produces a high amount of power and can easily remove a broad selection of substances, including dirt, moss, algae, small weeds and different types of chemical stains. Our high-pressure cleaning machine is also capable of removing mould and mildew traces  from your home exterior.

Q: What equipment do we use?
A: Our high-pressure cleaning machine produces pressure ranging from 750 to 2000 psi.

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