Window Cleaning Services in Sydney

Window Cleaning in SydneySuitable for, both, private and commercial properties in Sydney, this service includes the professional cleaning of both sides of your windows. We use a specialised equipment and apply environmentally friendly methods. Our expert cleaners have the experience with washing any type of windows: small and big bay windows, skylights, single and double hung windows, sash and french windows, garden windows, conservatories, conservatory roofs and solar panels as well.

Furthermore, Fantastic Cleaners Sydney can provide specially trained teams for washing hard-to-reach and high-rise windows, where professional abseiling gear is required. The high-rise window cleaning service is designed to service residential and commercial multi-storey buildings, such as appartment blocks and high-rise storey office buildings.

To find out more, you can call us on 02 8103 2006 at any day of the week. You can also book a window cleaning service directly from our online booking form.

The window cleaning process:

Window WashingWe clean the outside of the windows first. This facilitates us later, when we proceed with washing the glass pane on the inside. It is a standard practice, which ensures that you enjoy spotless and streak-free windows.

Exterior windows

We recommend the water-fed pole method for washing exterior windows, located up to the fourth floor, where only purified water is applied. The glass dries naturally, streak-free, because all the minerals and water impurities are filtered out in the process. For lower windows, the standard squeegee technique is also available.

Interior Windows

The interior glass pane is washed by employing traditional tools and accessories: scratchless squeegees, eco-friendly cleaning agents, containing nontoxic surfactants, and paper-towel.


Note: We usually wipe the dust from interior blinds, however, you can consider booking separately a curtain cleaning service at a discounted rate, should you decide that your curtains will benefit from a professional washing.

Window Sills and Frames

Finally, we will wipe the dust and any detergent residuals from the window frames and sills for a complete finish and perfectly looking windows.


Note: We do not wash wooden frames, but only remove the dust.

Regular Cleaning for Comprehensive Window Protection

Cleaning your windows professionally on a regular basis extends the lifespan of the glass, because the adverse effect of corrosive pollutants is naturally eliminated. Depending on the environment that you live in and the type of property you own, you should consider washing your windows every 2 to 3 months. However, beach home windows are exposed to strong weather and suffer from salt buildup and streaks, hence a monthly cleaning is recommended.

Most business owners of front shops and other types of commercial properties resort to a weekly schedule for keeping their windows clean and presentable. If you are looking for commercial window cleaning in Sydney, consider combining it with our regular commercial cleaning service.

Our professional window cleaning experts will ensure:

  • Your safety, because they are equipped with the appropriate gear and necessary tools for a variety of situations and tasks
  • Professional and guaranteed results, achieved by experienced, qualified and fully insured technicians
  • Protection for your windows and presentable exterior and interior of your property

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a water source required?

A: No, we usually bring along a tank full of purified water in the truck. However, a water source is sometimes required.


Q: Do I have to prepare the site before the team arrives?

A: Just make sure to arrange a free parking space for our van on the same side of the street. Also, our cleaners should have a free access to your property. With regards to the tools and equipment, needed for the job - we have everything necessary for the smooth completion of the task.


Q: What happens with the booking if the weather is bad?

A light drizzle does not pose a problem for us to perform the service. However, in the case of strong winds, stormy weather and heavy rain, we recommend that the appointment is rescheduled. Working in bad weather endangers the safety of our window cleaning operatives and compromises the result of the service. 

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